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German & English Language Training in Germany
German & English Language Training in Germany


We successfully trained many individuals since 1995.  Some of our clients:
Bosch, Center for Accelerated Learning, Deutsche Cargill GmbH, Newsweek, Volkswagen, Porsche

Andrew Nagorski, Berlin Bureau Chief, Newsweek

„Based on my learning experience, I can honestly say that you can’t do better for individualized German lessons than what you’ll get from Helga Weiss. When I arrived in Germany to start my assignment for Newsweek, Helga devised a teaching program for me that overcame many of my inhibitions about trying to speak German. She did so by forcing me first to conduct hypothetical interviews in which she played different roles, and then by helping me arrange real interviews: on the job training, in the best sense of the word. She helped me locate good subjects for future stories on Ossis (slang for East Germans) in Western Germany and Wessis (West Germans) who moved to eastern Germany, and recent ethnic German immigrants from Russia. She always made studying German a very practical and pleasant exercise, far more so than conventional teachers do. I couldn’t recommend her more highly. 2 weeks residential Intensive Course

Robert Macrowan, London

„Having failed the German language test that I was required to take in order to secure my post with a major international airline I turned to Helga Weiss and the Language Experience for help. After two weeks of stimulating company, good food, fresh air and above all strong tuition I passed my re-test with flying colors. Thank you Helga, keep up the good work!“ 2 weeks residential LangEx Lite

Michel Delifer, USA

The weekend crash course I took was extremely intense and stimulating, but that was exactly why I selected a total immersion crash course. The classroom is located in the heart of Germany, within a few kilometers from former East Germany. The landscape is pretty and the villages quaint. Ms Weiss was extremely proficient at teaching methodology and I was impressed with her professionalism. A well traveled and well learned individual Ms Weiss provided an excellent interlocutor for my specific needs of conversational German. I enjoyed the day trips and can also attest that when it comes to cooking Ms Weiss is a real „cordon bleu „. Residential Weekend Special

Hilde, Emma, Karon and Jeff Harmed, UK

Helga, just a letter to thank you for a great language experience! Everything was just perfect – a gracious hostess, the lessons, the inspiration, the beautiful location, the hospitality, the fine food and the conversation. Our daughters were really impressed with the German you taught them and I hear them testing their new skills on me every morning. A multilingual European has a more secure future and we are happy to see our children off to an early start. We want to thank you for the very special effort that you put into your work. Your approach was very professional in every way: It was so complete and so specifically tailored to our needs. Of course, the language cannot be mastered in two weeks and so we intend to see you again soon. With lots of affection. 2 weeks Intensive Course (the family stayed at the Seehotel, residential for Hilde).

Harold Bilich, USA

Excerpts of a letter to Ralf Baehring, Volkswagen Coaching GmbH, Wolfsburg and, August 5, ’98: I want to thank you for helping me with my German language training. I especially want to thank you for using Helga Weiss of The Language Experience as the teacher. Her style of training was the best I have ever had. There was one thing she said that impressed me the most. She told me that as a teacher she must asses the students needs and adapt the training to that person. She did more than that. She did not treat me like a short time student but as a teacher who would be with me for a long time, she became a good friend. 2 weeks Intensive Course

Doc Ingersoll, California USA

As a science teacher for over 20 years I have some experience with the teaching process. I found the techniques that Helga uses to be effective, enjoyable and specially suited to my needs. She was able to tailor her course specifically to my greatest needs, so that in a two week period I progressed from a situation where I was paralyzed by slow recall to a point where I felt relatively comfortable expressing myself in limited German. Besides her excellent language teaching, Helga extended herself to help me make contact with schools in the region in order to extend my other interests, and she taught me many customs, patterns and habits in Germany which made life easier and less embarrassing. I highly recommend her Lang/Ex Lite course for anyone who has some German language experience but who still needs a lot of help. 2 weeks residential Lang/Ex Lite

Tom Meier, Co-Director, The Center For Accelerated Learning

It was astounding how much I learned. The Language Experience uses methods that reflect the very latest brain research into how people best learn. An informal and friendly setting, one-on-one instruction with topnotch teachers, and the opportunity for contact with native speakers outside of class time all help make the Language Experience a step above other total-immersion language programs. I don’t believe there’s a better way to learn German fast. 4 weeks residential Intensive Course, 2 weeks residential Intensive Course

Claudio Alexandre Gouveia Dos Reis, Quality Planning,
Volkswagen Autoeuropa/Portugal
This intensive course was very useful and a great experience for me. I appreciated the special attention given to my needed work related German language skills. I had no problem keeping my concentration and enjoyed learning German with the dynamic team at the Language Experience. The location in Northern Germany, where „Hochdeutsch“, dialect free German is spoken, was also important to me. This way I could practice my newly acquired skills in close by towns, while shopping or eating dinner at a restaurant. I found the relaxed setting in a recreational area very conducive to study intensively. 2 weeks residential Intensive Course

Bill Miley, General Manager of Alcoa Fastening Systems in Hildesheim, re-locating from the US to Germany

Vielen Dank! All of you have been a tremendous help to me. I look forward to many years of friendship. The seven weeks I have spend here have been a helpful transition into the life and culture within Germany. I look forward to only getting better at the language. Alles Gute! 7 weeks residential Intensive Course

Family Frielinghausen, re-locating from the US to Germany

After 2 weeks at LangEx I can confidently say I feel more comfortable and secure with the language. Our family needs were all met and the method of teaching was well balanced, easy going and friendly. May the Lord bless you, your school, and your teachers! 2 weeks residential family Intensive Course

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