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German & English Language Training in Germany
German & English Language Training in Germany

Resume, Videography • Helga Weiss, MA

Bilder rund um Buddhas Weg zum Glück, (1999) 60min. Digibeta PAL, German.
For the Tibetan Center/Hamburg, dharma edition, ISBN 3-927862-31-2.
Videodocumentary about the visit of his Holiness The Dalai Lama, in Schneverdingen, Northern Germany, 1998. Camera work, Co-editing.

Avalokitesvara, Buddha des Mitgefühls, (1999) 90min. Digibeta PAL, German.
For the Tibetan Center/Hamburg, dharma edition, ISBN 3-927862-32-0.
Explanations to symbols, ritual and initiation. Co-camera work.

Tessa, 13 Jahre – ein Videotagebuch (1995)
45min. BetacamSP (bumped from Hi8 PAL), German.
For the NDR (North German Radio & TV). Producer: Wulf-Dietrich Kaminski, editor in chief: Horst Königstein, editors: Gabriele Roethemeyer/Helga Weiss, cutter: Gisela Boettge, Camera work: Tessa Hormes/Helga Weiss/Anne Mueller Text/voice-over: Tessa Hormes/Helga Weiss. TV broadcast: NDR 4.15pm 12/29/95, Sat 3 12/99

Einsame Wohnung – ein Videotagebuch
(1991) 60min. BetacamSP PAL (bumped from Hi8)
For the NDR (North German Radio & TV).
Producer: Rainer Milker, editor in chief: Horst Koenigstein, editor: Gabriele Roethemeyer, cutter: Sabine von Berlepsch, Camera work, text, voice-over: Helga Weiss, additional camera work: Anne Mueller. TV broadcasts: NDR 10 pm 12/25/91 (repeat 10.55 pm 6/2/92) WDR 12/26/91
The video diary was also picked up by other regional stations in Germany.


Following videos were produced by One Woman Productions
Camera, text, editing, sound, voice-over by Helga Weiss

Guten Morgen Mathias (1995) 29min. Hi8 PAL, German. For the „Evangelische Stiftung Neuerkerode“
A day in the life of a severely mentally and physically handicapped young man in Neuerkerode, a village for the disabled.

Stimmen einer Strasse (1993) 60min. Hi8 PAL, German.
Documentary about a street in Braunschweig. For the Braunschweiger Forum, a non profit organisation for improving the quality of living in Braunschweig, especially for economically deprived people, minority groups and children. Funded by the Sozialministerium Niedersachsen.

January ’91 – a personal video diary (1993) 20min. Hi8 PAL, English
Awards and Screenings 93:
Unrestricted Fellowship,Buck Foundation/Marin Arts Council
Open Screen/ May, Cinemateque SF Art Institut
Marin channel 31, June 23 and 29
ACVA, Central Florida Film & Video Festival
Utah Short Film & Video Festival, Honorable Mention
Louisville Film & Video Festival, Directors‘ Choice Award
Awards and Screenings 94:
Marin channel 31, January 6 and 19
IAC, Intern. Film&Video Competition, Manchester, England, Bronze Seal
New American Film Makers, Center for the Arts, San Francisco
16th Big Muddy Film Festival, Women Filmmakers, Carbondale, Illinois
South by Southwest Film&Media Conference, Austin Texas

Gesundheitstreff (1992) 30min. Hi8 PAL, German
Video made for and documenting the work of the „Gesundheitstreff“ a project of the Braunschweiger Forum
(see „Stimmen einer Strasse“)

Das Fest (1992) 35min. Hi8 PAL, German Video documentation of a street festival organized by the „Gesundheitstreff/Braunschweiger Forum“ to foster better understanding among the ethnically mixed neighborhood.

Die Obdachlosen von Marin (1992) 25min. Hi8 PAL, German
Video documentation of the homeless in Marin during their camp-out on the hill behind the Civic Center in San Rafael, Ca at the beginning of 92. In October 92 the Braunschweiger Forum had organized a week long residential seminar with social workers for the homeless of Braunschweig to start a self-help group. I was invited to participate as a presenter and wanted to bring some awareness of homelessness as a global problem. I also hoped to be able to facilitate communication between the 2 groups with my video camera.


Bilder einer vergessenen Strasse, vom besonderen Leben am Fusse der Tangente
Harald Duin, Braunschweiger Zeitung, 25. Aug. 92

Filmprojekte mit Helga Weiss, Heidi Wanzelius, Braunschweiger Forum Rundbrief, Sept.92  

Jahnstrassenfilm schafft Ansatz zum Dialog im eigenen Stadtviertel,
Heidi Wanzelius, Summertime News, Braunschweiger Forum, Juli 94  

A year in the life: A Fairfax artist’s view, Richard Polito, Independent Journal ’93, San Rafael, Ca

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