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German & English Language Training in Germany
German & English Language Training in Germany

German Language Training Courses Details

Intensive German Language Training Courses with total immersion into the German language in the area where the purest German is spoken. Beginning to advanced levels for adults and children. Our school is located in a cozy residential house at the Lake Tankum nature preserve, surrounded by forest and wildlife.

Teaching Methods: We think it is important to balance right brain/left brain learning. Hence the name The Language Experience. According to the students interest, sensory and kinetic experiences, such as helping to prepare food, eating together, shopping, walks and bike rides are incorporated here as much as possible, to optimize the process of transferring a foreign language. Whenever feasible we work in a real situation context: you don’t pretend you’re on the phone…. real phone calls have to be made. We try to build our students confidence and tune into their optimal learning modes.

Each program is different.We don’t strictly adhere to any teaching method, but like to tune into the learning styles and needs of our students and develop a custom designed program that works for her or him as an individual. If it doesn’t create confusion, we will instruct mainly in German, but we are also open to extensive explanation in English, if this furthers a students understanding at the time. There will be opportunities to meet some of our German friends to practice your newly acquired conversational language skills. You relax, have a good time and learn German.

We can visit nearby scenic towns like Celle. The beautiful buildings dating back to the Middle Ages were not destroyed during World War II. We can also go to farmers markets and places of your choice. Enjoyable opportunities for vocabulary building and language practice are provided on an individual basis. Possible study outings could lead to restaurants, airports, railway stations, banks, post offices, department stores and other places of everyday life. We can perfect your grammar in sit-down classes in the winter garden or work on your specific project. Your program can be as rich, varied and adventurous as you would like it to be. Maybe you want to visit Volkswagen AutoStadt [auto city] in Wolfsburg, one of the many annual trade conventions like CeBit in Hanover or enjoy a street festival in Berlin.

This is your program and we will design it with your specific needs in mind. Flexibility, creativity and developing your full potential are key words here.

cooking1Would you like to combine your language studies with a vacation in Europe? You can get a Eurail pass (has to be purchased in your country) at great discount and travel for 15 days within a month from your starting date all over Europe. Perhaps do a 5 day Intensive Course here and then continue studying on your own in the train (You can purchase books and audio tapes at a local bookstore here). For a small extra fee you can book a sleeper. Schedule your travel so you arrive fresh at your destination in the morning!

The Language Experience is most effective on a one on one basis, but it is also possible for couples, families, colleagues or friends to take the training together. Compatible language skills are best, but the fun of exploring another language together might be more important! Courses for groups are also available. Accommodations can be booked at the hotel by the lake here, which has conference/seminar facilities. Write for details on this option.

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