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German & English Language Training in Germany
German & English Language Training in Germany

Children’s Language Camp

Currently there are no summer language camps scheduled

Alternative suggestions: You could come as a family to the Language Experience for German instruction. I also work with teenagers I have trained since 2006 to assist with our kids who are learning German which usually guarantees very lively and fun sessions. I also have contacts to local families through our bilingual German/English language camps. I know them very well, some of them since our first camp in 2005. I could arrange for „get-togethers” with our camper families, which provides very effective language and cultural training. I am a strong believer in “learning by doing” and have developed and used my easy going “situative-kinetic learning” since I founded the “Language Experience” (hence the name).

As far as future camps go I am hoping for a cooperation with a large international company.

A collaborate effort of The Language Experience, Germany & The Center for Accelerated Learning, USA
Also a collaborate effort for kids age 10 – 15, who are either native English or German speakers to learn each others language. Not just to improve their school grades but also to make new international friends and continue communication beyond the camp. Our teachers, trainers and facilitators will also be native English or German speakers. Our language program is designed to appeal to all learning styles and includes a wide range of activity based learning opportunities. Our „situative-kinetic“ instruction at The Language Experience has been successful since 1995. Tom Meier, co-director of The Center for Accelerated Learning will bring years of experience and a wealth of innovative and effective teaching methods to our joint venture camp. Students will be able to choose from arts&crafts, drama, sports, games workshops and activities for language learning and fun. They will be supported by peers and adults alike.

Location, lodging, food: at the nature preserve Lake Tankum camp ground near Gifhorn. Life guard and medic on grounds- DLRG Deutsche Lebensrettungsgesellschaft. Seperate large dorm tents for boys and girls with adult supervision day and night.

Meals with vegetarian option.
End of camp celebration

All campers will be presenting a bi – lingual performance for invited guests, family and friends followed by a barbecue. For overnight stays, parents can either book rooms in local hotels or bring a tent (small fee required at the camp ground). Appointments to visit the permanent location of The Language Experience in walking distance can be arranged.

There will be no summer language camp in 2012

All inclusive fee for The Kid’s Language Summer Camp
€ 750 + 19% VAT 10% discount for siblings or friends registering together.

LangEx Driving Service: If you cannot bring or pick up your child to or from camp:
from/to train stations in Gifhorn or Wolfsburg € 25 or from/to Hannover Airport € 100 each way.
Please inform us of travel details at least 4 weeks before the beginning of camp.

Join as a volunteer: an opportunity for parents, other adults or young people over 18 who are native English or German speakers. Please send info about yourself, your hobbies & interests, what sort of activities you would like to be involved in and a recent photograph.

Looking forward to meet your kids at the language camp!

For detailed information please download our bi-lingual brochure

Slide show of our summer camp 2005 | Slide show of our summer camp 2006
Slide show of our summer camp 2007 | Slide show of our summer camp 2008

For photos and more communication about the 2009 kids language camp,
please check our pages on Facebook:

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Kids German/English Language Summer Camp communication page

Junior Kids Language Camp
for children ages 4 – 9 accompanied by one parent or adult relative

On popular demand we will add a language camp for younger children ages 4 – 9 as well

It will take place one week prior and at the same location as our regular kids camp for ages 10-15

Bilingual Accelerated Learning Early English/German Language Summer Camp at Lake Tankum in Northern Germany

for Kids age 4 – 9  who are either native German or English speakers accompanied by one parent or adult relative (over 18).

The idea: a parent – child vacation of summer fun combined with effective language learning using Early Childhood, In-Context-Learning and Peer Teaching methodology that you will be able to practice with your child long after camp.

As in our regular camp our teachers, trainers and facilitators will also be native English or German speakers. This is a great opportuniity to make new international friends and continue communication to keep your new language skills alive.

Location, lodging, food: Our beautiful campsite at Lake Tankum nature preserve near Gifhorn in Lower Saxony, Northern Germany offers swimming in a lake that has officially the best water quality in the entire State, use of paddle boats, water slide, mini golf, beach volley ball and beach soccer fields, playgrounds, table tennis etc. Life guard and medic on grounds – DLRG Deutsche Lebensrettungsgesellschaft.

You can either be accommodated in our large dorm tents (one for female adults and their kids, the other for male adults and their kids) or bring your own tent.

Meals with vegetarian option.

All inclusive fee for the Early English/German Summer Camp

for one adult and one child € 750 (€ 325,00 for each additional child) + 19% VAT

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