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German & English Language Training in Germany
German & English Language Training in Germany

Class Schedule

Students have breakfast in their residence. Preparation for class.

4 lessons in the wintergarden or courtyard (breaks are taken as needed).
New structures, vocabulary etc.
note: sit down classes can be substitute for activity classes: situative-kinetic learning while walking or bicycling together, cooking, going shopping, to museums, art galleries etc.

LangEx lunch (1 lesson). „Mittagessen“ is traditionally the main meal of the day in Germany. New vocabulary practice or conversation. Option: speaking English for relaxation and talking about German culture etc. This can be a group event of teachers, students and guests.

3:00pm- 5:15pm
3 lessons open choice kinetic learning while walking or bicycling together, going shopping etc. or sit down lessons.

Followed by homework and study time. Extensive German video course „Alles Gute“, instructional tapes and books available in the students residences. The Intensive Course offers 8 instructional units a day. Lessons last 45 minutes. Lunch counts as one lesson (regardless, if it exceeds 45 minutes). Remember, this is a sample schedule (which has been very successful). It can be changed to suit your needs. You might prefer to start earlier or later, include various excursions, a conversational dinner sometimes, do some evening activities such as going to concerts, theater etc. together. You can book any amount of days, including weekends. Because of the many talents of our teachers, you can combine personal interests such as a water color workshop or vegetarian cooking etc. with German instruction.

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