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German & English Language Training in Germany
German & English Language Training in Germany

The Language Experience • Lunch

Dscf0005„Mittagessen“ is traditionally the main meal of the day in Germany. Often, around 1pm, if students are interested, the „kinetic-situational“ lessons around „LangEx lunch“ begin: that is, teachers and students cook together, set the table for lunch, etc. During this time students describe what they’re doing, and thereby learn new words and phrases in a concrete setting. At the LangEx lunch we practice group conversation or vocabulary building etc. with all of the teachers and students. At busy times 2 or 3 Intensive courses are running at the same time, so 3 students and 3 teachers and sometimes other guests are present. After the morning lessons, which usually require a lot of concentration, this is a relaxed setting, where learned material can be put to practice conversing with others. Option: speaking English for relaxation and talking about German culture etc.

Generally the food is „easy going international“ in style, sort of „new global fusion“, dependent on who cooks. Sorry, this is not the place for „Schweinshaxen“ or other heavy, greasy German specialties. We will prepare some of the lighter German dishes. However, we do not serve red meat. Some fish and poultry though…unless you prefer a vegetarian diet.

Your dietary requests are taken seriously. If you would like to go on a low fat or low calorie diet, or eat according to the Michel Montiac method, or are on the Body for Life system, include lots of exercise and physical activity and combine your Language Experience with a weight loss program you have our full support. This time is for you and we want you to be happy here.

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